It is wonderful,
desirable...I honor it.
I desire it,
esteem it.
I consider it with respect.
I prize it.


2590 BC
Recalled to Tenochtitlan

Our Jaguar Warriors are recalled to Tenochtitlan for "regrouping." We fortify our Jaguar Warriors along the Russian border. An Elite Feathered Warrior, fresh from combating the barbarian Carib tribe, rushes to join the others.


2590 BC

We can gain the initiative with the two Jaguar Warriors on street duty in Tenochtitlan. We increase luxuries (30%), while the city patrol leaves quietly to join our other forces (for a total of ten Jaguar Warriors). 

Tenochtitlan is producing a Jaguar Warrior every two turns, so Luxuries can be reduced to normal (10%) soon. 


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