The battlefield is the place: where one toasts the divine liquor in war,
where are stained red the divine eagles,
where the tigers howl,
where all kinds of precious stones rain from ornaments,
where wave headdresses rich with fine plumes,
where princes are smashed to bits. 

2470 BC
Elite Jaguar Warrior

Our first three Jaguars damage the defender, though one Jaguar Warrior dies in the assault. Now is the time to strike with our Elite Jaguar Warrior.



There is nothing like death in war,
nothing like the flowery death.




2470 BC
Mother Russia

We have captured Moscow, while an enemy worker flees back into Mother Russia. We have six Jaguar Warriors to guard Moscow. When resistance ends next turn, we will leave just a single, wounded Jaguar Warrior on duty. The rest of the army will continue to give chase to the Empress of Russia until she can be "convinced" to abdicate. 

(No Great Leader this time, but it is very important to always take a stab at a Great Leader whenever the opportunity arises. Look for opportunities. You will get Great Leaders.)


2430 BC
Victory is Ours

We capture the worker. But look! A Russian Settler. We will capture the Settler and put them to work, too. One day if they work hard, they shall become citizens of Aztecland.



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