930 AD
The Global Community

When communications opened up between East and West, Hammurabi the Seer was surprised to learn that the Empire of Japan was bigger than all of Babylon. 

Gandhi was isolated, and Tokugawa had forced Mao into a corner. 

1050 AD
The World Order

At that time, the smaller nations ganged up on Tokugawa, forming various pacts which would eventually lead to their ruin. Hammurabi the Cautious made sure to stay far way from trouble with Japan. 


1240 AD
Hammurabi the Unlearned

Hammurabi had a significant problem with new technology. He could never figure out how to use the new gadgets. At one point in history, Babylonian Pike and Musket stood off against Persian Riflemen and Infantry. But Hammurabi was satisfied to just keep piling up his gold. 

1555 AD
Persian Army!

1600 AD

Finally, there was a "resolution" of the global diplomatic situation. Let's just say that Gandhi and Mao agreed to retire from active politics. 

Suddenly, Hammurabi the Vengeful had a glimpse of a plan. But first, Hammurabi would need to finish his business with Xerxes.


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