One's Social Situation is of paramount importance.
Who are your neighbors? Are they Polite? Or are they Rude?


3800 BC
Three Expeditions

The Russian Civilization is founded upon the Great Volga River. The prophesies promise "vast expanses of sparsely populated lands" which we will settle. Our wise men say that Moscow is near the northern end of the world, and fertile lands will be in the warmer climes of the south, in the mythic lands where the Volga drains, the Caspian Sea.

To explore these Virgin lands, We, the young and inquisitive Queen of Russia, will send out Scouts.

A healthy curiosity becomes a Queen. 


3800 BC
Forests and Rivers and Hills

Skill with terrain is the true measure of a Scout. Always look for opportunities to sprint ahead.

To dance, to run, to explore. To do our Royal Best. 

Our Western Scout can either head further west into the Don River basin, or move-two onto the snowcapped mountain. It would be nice to catch a peak at the North River Country before heading off to the west and south. Our Eastern Scout won't travel north along the Vistula River (which we will later discover ends in the cold waters of the Baltic Sea) but will push through the Great Bohemian Forest, looking for opportunities to move-two. Our Southern Scout, when ready, will head towards the Volga's River Delta, which has been sighted but not yet explored. 


3650 BC
Irrigating the Cows

With Cattle and Game to supplement our diet, Russia grows Fat and Strong. Next we will build Warriors to defend Moscow.

And to teach good manners to our Citizens. Good manners are just so important.

Each Warrior will subdue one unhappy Citizen. We will soon build a Road to the Incense in the Ural Mountains, to bring Happiness to the Russian People. 


2800 BC

We are always prepared to adjust our strategy to circumstances. 

Our Western Scout, having discovered the northern border of Beijing, will turn to explore north of Moscow. Our Eastern Scout, having discovered the Eastern Ocean, will turn north along the coast. Our Southern Scout will explore the southern boundaries of the Chinese, and then turn south again. 

Agility of mind and body is a noble quality. 


1000 BC

Catherine's Russia in 1000 BC
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Goosey, Goosey
Mama:      Gusi, gusi! Goosey, goosey!
Goslings:    Ga-ga-ga! Honk-honk-honk!
Mama:    Est' khotite? Do you want to eat?
Goslings:     Da-da-da! Yes-yes-yes!
Mama:     Nu, letite! Well, fly on over!
Goslings:    Nam nel'zia! We can't!
Mama:      Pochemu? Why not?
Goslings:    Seryi volk za goroi The gray wolf behind the hill
   Ne puskaet nas domoi.    Won't let us come home.


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