Curiosity and the Proper Queen
Declaration of Intent
Being Sneaky in Polite Company
Knowing One's Betters
Social Standing
A Real Gentleman
Ham Jr.
True Love?

Czarina Catherine of Russia had a magic mirror.
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most cultured one of all?"

"You are, my Queen," said the mirror,
but the Czar is a close second."

So, Czarina Catherine deposed the Czar
and became Empress of all Russia. 


  • Civilization: Russia
  • Difficulty: Monarch
  • World size: 5000 tiles (Standard 100x100)
  • Landmass configuration: Continents - 57% water
  • Geology: intermediate (4 billion)
  • Environment: temperate, wet, historic character
  • Barbarians: Restless
  • Rivals: 9 Preset (no added bonuses)
January 2003


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Discussion Thread on Civfanatics about The Etiquette of War and Peace




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