The senses are like turbulent and wild horses. This body is like a chariot. Mind is the reins. Intellect is the driver. The Atman is the Lord of the chariot. 

90 BC
Babylon starts a war.  

The Babylonians demand a very unreasonable tribute. The Wise and Holy Mahatma refuses, and Babylon threatens war. How will we preserve the peace?

70 BC
Wild Horses

Fortunately, we have 24 horsemen ready for the counterattack. Our forces drive for the enemy capital, Babylon. Though our senses are like turbulent and wild horses, our intellect brings along spearmen to hold our new towns. 

50 BC

The Babylonians control all the iron. We must have the iron for ourselves. We will take Nineveh and then the iron will be ours. We will take the iron. We must. We must have it. 


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