Sie stecken unter einer Decke
They're in cahoots together

1320 AD
Diplomatic Balance

Germany is at peace with the world, but our neighbor France is the center of a mutual protection pact with Japan and Russia. What are they afraid of?

1330 AD

Our geniale scientists have discovered the cure for many diseases with the new science of medicine. As a humanitarian gesture, we will provide our new knowledge to the nations of the world -- for a price. 

World Map
Military Tradition
Free Artistry

29g per turn
24g per turn
9g per turn

Technology and money: Selling technology can be very profitable. However, there is a danger in taking money in payments. First, you may never see the money. Second, there is an incentive for the debtor nation to start a war to avoid the debt. In this instance, the sale of medicine netted four new technologies, a much need luxury, and of course, an elegant framed map of the world with France in the middle. 


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