Das hat mir einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht
That has upset my plans

1828 AD
Space Race

Our spies have brought us disturbing news. The French and the Indians are close to winning the Space Race. 


1830 AD
Tank Armies

Nine German tank armies lead a massive assault force of 90 mechanized infantry, and 80 modern armor. We could simply destroy the French spaceship. But then, the Indians would win the Space Race anyway. And there is no good cause for war. To simply destroy? No. That would be uncivilized. 

Destruction and War: Since the beginning of warfare, there have been rules of war.  One of the rules of war is to avoid needless destruction. In good conscience, we cannot destroy that which is good. There is a German saying which goes, "Besser Unrecht leiden als Unrecht tun." It means, it is "better to suffer injustice than to commit injustice."


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