570 AD

We have a technological advantage over the Japanese. We have pikemen and they do not. Pikemen can successfully defend against horse and sword, especially on good terrain.  We create Pike Roads that protect our sword, catapult and even workers. We will build these Pike Roads directly into the heart of the enemy. Then we will funnel our forces along these Pike Roads.

This method also safeguards the Elites and keeps them healthy until the critical battle.



570 AD
Forbidden Palace in Hakodate

Great Leaders emerge from great wars. We use our first Great Leader to build a sword army. Our second we use for the Forbidden Palace, and the third for Leonardo's Workshop. At first, we strongly garrison to guarantee control. As the residents become civilized, we can reduce the garrison.  



710 AD

Alas, Japan discovers a counter to the pike -- the longbow (the other counter is the catapult). Our forces are depleted. We will sue for peace.


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