Great Pyramids


1000 BC
People Power 

People from all over Egypt arrive in Thebes to help build the Great Pyramids. Some are workers, others become shopkeepers. Thebes is already a great city, a theocratic commune of people working together for a common goal. Cleopatra presides over lavish celebrations of the gods (30% luxuries). The concentration of people also leads to greater knowledge (70% science).

Gold is set at 0%, losing just -2 gold per turn for the temple in Thebes. We have plenty of gold in reserve (600g).


1000 BC

Every available plot of land has been improved. Every available person is contributing something to building the Great Pyramids. 



1000 BC
Golden Age 

After hundreds of years, after generations of effort, the Great Pyramids are complete. Egyptian civilization has entered a Golden Age. Trade and production skyrocket. And Thebes is the center of this new era of history.

Clearly, Thebes is the greatest city in the world.  


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