Gi - Justice

Way of the Samurai

A tree, split with an battle-ax, sticks.
Voice of a shrike.

Justice: Moral virtue or strength, the rectitude in the power of deciding upon a certain course of conduct in accordance with reason and what is right and wrong.



670 AD
Gunpowder, Joan and the Musketeers

The French have deployed a new innovation, the Musketeers. We need Muskets to protect ourselves from the militaristic Romans. Joan refuses to provide us either the technology or the resources to make our own Muskets. We recall our diplomats (who bring back important military intelligence). Under the Ancient Rules of War, we declare war on France. 



680 AD

Our Samurai make quick work of the French defenders of Orleans and Avignon. Pikemen and Catapults will bring up the rear. 

The attack force consists of eighteen Samurai, four Pikemen and two Catapults. Reinforcements are on the way as nearly every town and city contributes to the war effort. 


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