Chugi - Loyalty

Way of the Samurai

Foe unvanquished, I won't perish in the field; 
I'll be born again, to take up the halberd seven more times.

Loyalty: The main foundation of the Bushido system, freely given to family, samurai and lords.


230 BC

Our Catapults attack Canton and seriously damage the sole Defender. 

Odds of victory for an Elite Horseman v. Regular Spearman (fortified in town) is usually 63%, but with such damage to the Spearman, the odds increase dramatically to 94%. 


230 BC

Our Elite Horseman attacks the damaged Spearman and a Great Leader emerges, Tojo. The militaristic Chinese menace has been removed from the Japanese Homeland. Our safety secured, we make a final peace treaty with Mao. Tojo will be sent to build a Forbidden Palace in the Eastern Lands Across the Sea. 

We will build cultural improvements to assimilate our Chinese subjects. You can study the  historical record of this process here: Report-Beijing (opens in new window). 



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