Jin - Benevolence

Way of the Samurai

The empty air made buzz
Thin wings of a dragonfly.

Benevolence: Mindful of those who are suffering and in distress.


1796 AD
Mao's Problem

Everyone has ganged up on our friends the Chinese. We are certain that Caesar is at the center of the warmongering.  

We will be loyal to our friends the Chinese. Since the end of our "disagreement" in the Ancient Age, Mao has conducted himself with honor.  



1796 AD
Strategic Knowledge

We need to know more about the strategic situation, if we are to help our friend Mao defend his country from the ambitions of Caesar. A Fighter, based on a Japanese Aircraft Carrier, brings back important reconnaissance concerning the situation on the ground around the Chinese capital.

The Romans are advancing with large stacks of Infantry, but the Chinese defend with Riflemen. 



1796 AD
Strategic Resources

We provide China with the means to defend itself; the secrets of Steam Power, Medicine, Communism, Industrialization, Electricity, Sanitation, and Replaceable Parts; plus the means to use this knowledge; Horses, Iron, Saltpeter, Coal, Rubber and Gold. 

For love and for hate
I swat a fly and offer it
to an ant.

The effect of this is to slow the Roman advance.  China becomes our battle proxy against Rome without an actual state of war existing. 


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