Yu - Courage

Way of the Samurai

A snake slipped away.
Only his eyes having looked at me
Remain in grass.

Courage: To bear life's hardships without complaint and maintaining composure under adverse circumstances; to live when it is right to live and to die when it is right to die.


690 BC
World Map

Having purchased a map of the world, we now have a good idea of the layout of the world's civilizations. The Romans will certainly be our rival in the future. 



490 BC

Our Military Stack is fortified on Iron Hill providing a defensive bonus and an excellent vantage point from which to watch Beijing. 


490 BC

The militaristic Chinese have been angry with us and keep making unreasonable demands. Our Military Stack stationed on Iron Mountain includes six Swordsmen, two Spearmen, two Horsemen, and two Catapults. Veteran reinforcements are on the way. 


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