825 BC
Shaka Zulu

The Zulus announced their presence in 825 BC. Shaka was learned and friendly. Attempting to isolate Xerxes, Hammurabi the Crafty cultivated a relationship with Shaka. Trading Techs, Gold and Luxuries, Hammurabi negotiated the purchase of Shaka's World Map. Oh, yes. Shaka would be a balance to the Persians. Next, Hammurabi sold "Communications with the Zulus" to Xerxes in exchange for much knowledge. 

Hammurabi the Conniving's  plan to control the Plain of Tigris had worked. Babylon was an equal in size, if not in science, to any nation in the known world. The Zulu culture was rising. Yes, Hammurabi would stay close to Shaka. 

470 BC

Hammurabi founded the Tigris River towns one on top of the other. With plenty of Food plus Shields in the hard rock of the Taurus Mountains, these towns would all be small powerhouses one day. But the people lived miserable lives in crowded, disease-ridden hovels. They pled to Hammurabi the Deaf for relief. 

Overseers whipped the people to make them build Temples to Marduk. No one was spared the wrath of Hammurabi's Whip. 


470 BC

Seven in size (this turn), Babylon became a true City. Akkad and Babylon were both producing Veterans Warriors.

The lands were spacious, the weather mild.  Fallow lands abounded.

Hammurabi the Tyrant. 


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