Wenn alle Stricke reißen
When worse comes to worse

1695 AD
Drive into Russia

Bismark carefully plans for the coming battle. German panzers will attack from multiple directions and attempt to deal a quick and fatal blow to Russia before Catherine can organize an effective defense. 

1700 AD
Drive into Russia

Our panzers are successful and capture Moscow. Catherine flees with her ministers to Smolensk. The first victorious Panzer starts a Golden Age of Germany. 

1715 AD
Smiling Faces

Even with only a dozen units as garrison, the resistance in Moscow ends quickly. But the soldiers are nervous. The Muscovites may be smiling, but at night there are whispers in the dark. We had best keep the bulk of our military garrisoned in German cities, where they will be safe. 

1715 AD
The Queen

England's mutual protection pact with Russia has expired and England sues for peace. Germany graciously accepts and prepares to concentrate its forces solely on Russia. 

1735 AD
Peace with Russia

The German army captures the whole of the Russian heartland. Bismark generously offers peace to Catherine who accepts. 

War and Peace: War is a necessary component of any nation's political strategy. As such, planning for war and executing the war are important for the success of the nation. Be realistic. Set reasonable goals. Then ruthlessly execute your plans. 


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