170 AD
Intrepid Galleys

The mystics and the poets had predicted that there are more lands yet to be discovered. Cleopatra sends galleys out in search of these new lands. Two attempt a crossing of the western ocean. Both galleys are lost. 


170 AD
Galley Lost


Our galley has come so far only to be lost in sight of a strange new people. 



170 AD

As one of the ironies of history, the sinking of that galley led to the discovery of a new neighbor, Lincoln of the Americans. We agree to pay 3g per turn plus 15g upfront for the code of a warrior and the code of laws. (We will not tell him about Tokugawa just yet.)



190 AD
It's who you know

Through the Americans, we contact three new civilizations; the Germans, the Aztecs and the Persians. We create a very profitable trading consortium, trading in both techs and maps. We keep our contacts to ourselves. 

Montezuma of the Aztecs Bismark of the Germans Xerxes of the Persians


330 AD
Great Library

Completing the Great Library, we know that Egypt will always be kept abreast of the latest scientific discoveries. Now, Cleopatra can cash in. We sell our technologies for exorbitant prices, then finally we sell our contacts. Thebes is truly the greatest city in the world.

Egypt becomes a Republic. (This creates the cash-flow required to upgrade our warriors, and freeing them from garrison duty so they can be sent to defend our colonies in Japan.)



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