Harappan, Cuman, Assyrian
The Whip
The Claim of Eridu
The Learned Zulus
The Reckoning
World Order
Resolution of Conflict
Rules of War
The Last Redoubt
I, Hammurabi
Despotic Warmonger of Babylon




King of Babylon
Lord of the Tigris and the Euphrates and of the Lands Between
Patron of the Temple of Marduk
Prince and Governor of Eridu
Father of the Duke of Ur
High Priest at the Cathedral of Nabu

Grand Marshall of Wars and Games

Civilization: Babylonians
Difficulty: Deity
Map size: Standard
Map shape: Pangaea.2
Environment: Random
Barbarians: Sedentary
Rivals: 5 random
Rules: No respawning Civs,
Culturally linked starting position.

December 2002


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