Senatus Populusque Romanus
The Senate and the People of Rome


The She-Wolf
Demand of Tokugawa
Continual Strife
Spina Del Mondus
Spine of the World
Mare Ęgeanum
The Crossing
Victory & Beyond

Mars, the god of war, fell in love with the Vestal Virgin, Silvia, and she gave birth to twin sons, Romulus and Remus. (For who can resist a God?) One brother, Romulus, founded Rome along the Tiber River. Remus, though nursed by the same she-wolf, would meet a bloody end by the hand of his own brother.


In the name of the Senate and the people of Rome.

Urbs ęterna.
The eternal city


Who groans beneath the Punic Curse
And strangles in the strings of purse
Before she mends must sicken worse.
Her living mouth shall breed blue flies
And maggots creep about her eyes
No man shall mark the day she dies.

Sibylline Curse from I, Claudius
by Sir Robert Graves
Rome. The Romans broke their Peace Treaty with Carthage, destroying them utterly -- the Punic Curse from the Punic War.

For each verse from the Sibylline Curse, there is an icon. Put your mouse over the icon to get a hint about the poem. 


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  • Civilization: Rome
  • Difficulty: Emperor
  • World size: 5000 tiles (Standard 100x100)
  • Landmass: Mystery - atypical - 52% Water - not Pangaea
  • Geology: young and rough (3 billion)
  • Environment: temperate, normal
  • Barbarians: Roaming, graphically enhanced, regionally intense**
  • Rivals: 11 Preset (no added bonuses)
          February 2003


Battle Civulation


Roman Legionaire with standard equipment
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