We, the Americans, are an expansionist and industrious people. We have settled in a tiny town near the sea. We are very poor, and eke just a meager living from the land, but we have high hopes for the future. 

This is our story. 





4000 BC - High Hopes

3300 BC - Manifest Destiny

3000 BC - Cited for Bravery

  630 BC - Establishing a new Capital

  330 AD - We hold these truths . . . 

  380 AD - Second French War

  700 AD - War of the Longbowmen

1220 AD - Menace from the West

1600 AD - Winter of Russian Civilization

1650 AD - Pax Americana

1836 AD - On Maneuvers

1838 AD - Gem Wars

1862 AD - Invasion

1870 AD - Occupation

1886 AD - Surrender

1970 AD - Corruption

1990 AD - A New Beginning


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