Way of the Samurai

A world of dew, 
and within every dewdrop 
a world of struggle 

Moral virtue or strength Gi Justice
Bearing life’s hardships Yu Courage
A benevolent man is ever mindful of those who are suffering and in distress Jin Benevolence
Respect for the feelings of others Rei Respect
The Samurai will not dishonor himself by lying Makoto Honesty
The understanding of our own worth and dignity Meiyo Honor
Loyalty to family, samurai and lords given freely Chugi Loyalty

Bushido means  literally "military-knight-way." Bushido was as much a way of life and death for the samurai as it was a code of ethics. Words such as justice, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, loyalty, and honor were more than ideals, they dictated the samurai's every action. Is it possible to survive and even thrive while living according to this ancient code of Chivalry? We shall see. We shall see. 


  • Civilization: Japanese
  • Difficulty Level: Emperor
  • Map Size: Small
  • Barbarians and all other map options are random.
  • Respawn players OFF
  • Culturally linked starting locations OFF
  • All victory types allowed
  • Rivals: China, France, Rome, Persia, and Germany


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